StLHuggs is a Saint Louis, Missouri-based owner trained service dog program and a social group for Service Dog Teams. StLHuggs operates as a program under Furry Inc, a 501c3 not-for-profit

Mission Statement

The mission of StlHuggs is to provide owners with opportunities to use reward-based training methods while preparing their companion dogs for service dog work. The group also promotes awareness of the benefits of proper dog training and ownership.

Goals and Objectives

  • To provide members with an ongoing, rewards-based service dog training program.
  • To provide a source of support for those in our community who would benefit from the services of a service dog.
  • To promote the spirit of responsible and loving pet ownership among all participants throughout the community.
  • To foster and encourage the development and improvement of rewards-based dog training and owner-trained service dogs throughout our community.


Liz Johnston (Retired Founder and Master Trainer)
Kevin E Hill (Executive Director and Trainer)
Carol Sineni (Treasure and Lead Trainer)
Tammy Jones (Trainer)