Airport Visit

Date(s) - Saturday, July 11, 2020
9:00 am - 11:00 am

North Hanley Road Metrolink Station

July Training outing will be a trip to the airport.

We will be meeting at the Metrolink station located on North Hanley
4300 Hanley Road, St. Louis, MO  63134

Please park in the parking garage. purchase your Metrolink Ticket and meet us near the station platform before 9 am. We will be leaving on the 1st train that arrives after 900 am.

Late arrivals will not get credit for the outing and will have to set up a makeup outing and pay the fee.

You will need to purchase your Metrolink tickets prior to 9 am.

Outing fees ($20) are due at the time of the outing and are only payable in cash. Paypal and other electronic forms are not acceptable.

Objectives for this training outing:

  • Walking in a parking structure and on public streets.
    • Dogs should exit the vehicle in a safe manner and under control, you might need a shorter leash length as well.
  • Traveling on Public Transportation
    • Dogs should board and tuck into a seated position next to the windows while you take a seat on the aisle.
  • Stairwells and elevators
    • Practice walking on stairs
      • Up and Down
      • Handrail on your left and your right
      • Dog on your left and your right
      • The dog should be walking with you on the stairs. Not two steps ahead or behind.
      • Riding in the elevator should be done with the dog in a counter position against the wall.
    • Ignoring pet dogs
      • You will be walking through the park surrounding the Arch. You need to keep a safe distance away from pet dogs.
      • It is good to have a canned saying for why they can not visit. “We are in ”
      • Also helps to have one for people that want to pet your dog. “We are in ”
    • Lines
      • Waiting in line can be hard for some dogs when you are first starting. Your dog should sit/stand by your side, down at your feet, or working on blocking behavior.
      • Escalators
        • You should work on being around escalators if they are not ready to ride on them. (If your dog needs help, please contact one of the trainers for a lesson or practice times.
      • Shopping
        • Beware of your dog and others. If it is crowded, a shorter leash may be needed.
        • Your dog should have a strong leave it (watch your dog for “shopping”).
        • We would like you to wait in line to ask a question if you are not buying anything.
        • A gentle leader may be useful for keeping control of your dog’s wandering nose.

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This event is fully booked.