IKEA Outing

Date(s) - Saturday, August 17, 2019
10:00 am - 12:00 pm


Our August Training Outing will be held at the Saint Louis IKEA Store.

General Training Objectives:
Garage Parking
Moving Sidewalk/Ramp
Proper placement while using a Shopping Cart
You will be required to go through the food line (with your SD) and purchase something to eat.

Main Training Objective:
Proper placement while sitting. We will be demonstrating the proper placement for your SD while you are sitting at various locations.
Various dining situations (table and chairs) (Bar) (Counter)
Stand-alone chairs with open base
Stand-alone chairs with a closed base (both left and right sides)
Benches (both left and right sides)
Couches with and without end tables (both left and right sides)
Desks with an office chair

We will be focused on proper placement.

This will include placing the SD out of the flow of traffic.
You will be working on picking a safe place and placing your SD there.
This will be done solo and in groups. If your dog has issues with being in proximity with other SDs then you will need to talk to LIZ prior to the event and work on this behavior issue.

Equipment list
A leash that allows for you to sit comfortably while your SD is in a down position around the end of a couch
Optional mat (recommend a non-slip backing to keep dogs from sliding
High-value treats
Gentle leader or head hardness if needed

Please bring your outing fee of $20 cash.
Without the fee, you will be asked to leave the outing.
You will then need to set up a makeup outing at a cost of $75.

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Bookings are closed for this event.