November Dining Outing

Date(s) - Saturday, November 9, 2019
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Lumiere Place Casino

Dining outing

Lumiere Casino Directions and Parking

Take a trip to the Feast coast, with the Kitchen Buffet: Lumière Place’s answer to the definitive casino buffet. It’s a contemporary buffet that offers a wide variety of culinary delights using only the freshest ingredients. A specially designed glass wall separating the kitchen from the food stations allows guests a unique view of the buffet’s food preparation.

$22.95 with TROP ADVANTAGE® card
Add crab legs to any dinner buffet for just $12!

Prices include $2 discount TROP ADVANTAGE® members receive when presenting their card.


When arriving at any outing you should ensure your SD exits your vehicle safety and under control. Don’t wait for them to get out to get control, you should have it before your dog exits.


LLW in the parking lot- your SD should be close by your side while traveling through the parking lot. If you need a tight leash that fine, it also means you need to work on more control.


Potty stop- you will need to potty your SD before entering the building. If your SD doesn’t yet potty on cue, please ask for help for one of the trainers to work on that with you.


LLW inside- it’s going to be crowed, noisy, and very busy. Again control LLW with the dog right next to you. We will be evaluating teams to see who might need extra help.


Down/Settle- when asking you SD to down please look around first to make sure they are not going to be in the way. People shouldn’t have to walk around because someone will try and step over…


When getting food from the buffet you’ll need to go through 1x with your SD and 1x without. You’ll need to be able to carry a tray and walk your SD. You would only leave you SD at a table if someone you trusted was seated with you, otherwise, the SD goes with you.


Big Fat No No! Feed SD food that the restaurant served. Using training treats is one thing, food from the table is a no go. Before pre-testing your SD should be able to down under the table while you eat a complete meal (duration of 20 minutes) without any treats!


Use the counter cue and get close cues to keep your SD out of the way. Any questions regarding the outing should be sent to the trainer before Friday.

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Bookings are closed for this event.