Saint Louis Art Fair

Date(s) - Saturday, September 7, 2019
11:00 am - 1:00 pm

Saint Louis Art Fair

September’s training outing will be at the St Louis Art Fair.  the website listed above has links to the mobile app designed to help you navigate around the fair. Below is a map showing the layout.

We will meet at the fountain at the corner of Forsyth Blvd and Brentwood Blvd in Shaw Park

Things to work on for the Art Fair:

  • Between- dog between your feet. This is a great behavior for shopping or standing around. It tends to decrease random people trying to interact with your dog and you know where there are without looking.
  • Left/Right side walking- your dog should be able to work on either side depending on what you are doing. You should cue/command your dog to change sides when you want them to.
  • Managing you dog in heavy foot traffic- keep your dog safe but that doesn’t mean jumping out of everyone’s way. Set a path and take it.
  • Under- when sitting we want to see you working to get your dog under your chair not just the table.
  • Counter- when ordering or paying for something your SD needs to be out of the way. Between you and the counter is one of the best places.
  • Protecting your dog- you will be asked by strangers and trainers in the group if the cam pet or touch your dog. You should be prepared to set in front of your dog and say no, they are working (or whatever you want) you need to be convincing enough to stop them. This includes dealing with kids!!
  • Leave it- if you cue/command your dog to leave it they shouldn’t touch, look at, or sniff the item. We will be tossing stuff around, be prepared!
  • Hands Free- can you walk your SD hands free? If not, let us know so we can help you. This is important!

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