Target Training

Date(s) - Saturday, March 12, 2022
10:00 am



4255 Hampton Ave, St. Louis, MO 63109

10 am


(Located at rear of building)

  • General Training Objectives:
    • Under Ground Garage Parking
    • Escalators
    • Elevators
  • Main Training Objective:
    • Proper placement while
      • using a shopping cart
      • browsing the store
      • waiting in the cashier line
      • Checking out at the register
        (You will be required to go through the check-out line (with your SD) and purchase at least one item)

We will be demonstrating the proper placement for your SD while you are shopping and checking out.

  • Examples:
    • Head and nose control while in food areas
    • Adjusting to foot and cart traffic
    • Ignoring distractions (kids and adults)
    • Elevator / Escalator rides
    • Noises in the underground garage
  • Equipment list
    • A leash that allows for you to comfortably work a shopping cart
    • Gentle leader or head hardness if needed

Please bring your outing fee of $20 cash.
Without the fee, you will be asked to leave the outing.
You will then need to set up a makeup outing at a cost of $75.


Important Notice

  • Now that spring approaches and warm weather finally reaches Saint Louis we need to be very aware of how we present our service dogs in public. Our service dogs teams need to look professional as they work and assist us in our daily routines.
  • Please ensure that your service dog is well groomed at all times. This includes daily brushing to remove shedding hair, monthly or bimonthly bathing and keeping their nails and paw pads maintained. We will be addressing any grooming issues during all future outings as they present themselves. If you have questions on how to maintain your dogs please contact Kevin or Carol as they are both dog groomers.
  • This also goes for keeping your service dog vest clean and in good repair. If you have any damage or stains on your service dog vest please contact us so that we can get the issues resolved.
  • For all future outings and trainings if your service dog does not look well-groomed, clean, and professional you will be sent home from the outing and required to schedule and pay for a makeup outing.


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