Heat Warnings

While working your dog during the summer months you need to be aware of how the heat can affect your dog.


Here’s an article from Whole Dog Journal;

“Dogs don’t sweat. The only way for them to get rid of heat is by evaporation through their tongue,” Brainard said. “The more humidity, the less effective that evaporation will be.”

So, keep in mind that if you’re hot and thirsty, your dog probably is as well. So when working your dog, make sure to bring enough water for both of you. If you feel your dog needs more than just a drink, use a wet towel (paper, bandanna, etc) and wipe your dogs down on the underside only, not on top. You can start under the chin and work your way back to the groin area. The paw pads can also be cooled down but make sure they are dry before stepping on hot pavement.

When should we be using different Service Dog gear? We all love how our dogs know they “working” when we put their vest on, but what about when it’s too hot for the vest, what should you do? You can get a Service Dog bandanna from Carol (add cost here) to use during the hot days.

We recommend that you start with the dog wearing both and then take off the vest, still carry it with you. You can put it back on indoors once your dogs has cooled down a bit or for driving in the car. If you find your dog is not behaving as well as normal and it’s not too hot, put it back on to remind them that they are working. They should figure it out after a few days.

A lot of us use an extra carabineer to hang the vest off our bag or on our hands’ free leash, that way if you have an access issue it’s right there.