Cost Breakdown

The following is an estimate of the cost related to have a service dog trained with our group. Please be advised that this list is an estimate and not binding in any way. The price will vary based on breed, disability, tasks required and health.


Payable to StlHuggs

  • Start-Up fee $500 to $1500.
    • This amount varies based on the type of service dog, type of training and type/number of desired tasks
    • Workbook / ID’s / Vest (property of STLHUGGS)
    • A Comprehensive Training Program based on your needs.
    • Administration expenses
  • Monthly Outing Fee of $20 cash payable to a trainer at the time of outing.
    • This fee goes to reimburse our staff of volunteers for out of pocket expenses that they incur during the training process.
    • We have no paid staff. We are all volunteers and graduates from this program.
    • This cash fee is required at the beginning of the outing. If you do not have the fee, you will not be permitted to remain at the outing
  • Monthly Membership Fee of $25 that is auto-withdrawal from your bank account
    • This fee is to help displace the overall cost of the program.
    • Paid every month for 24 months.
  • Testing / Make Up Outings / Retests / Private Training Sessions / Replacement Workbooks, ID’s, Vests and Patches
    • These fees are set up in our workbook and contract. They vary depending on the circumstances.


Outside Costs

  • Vet care
    • Microchip / Vaccinations / Illness / Flea Tick Meds / Heartworm Meds
  • Grooming
    • At home or professional / We will not allow an ungroomed dog to attend events and outings / Nails, Paw pads, Coat, Shedding and Glands will need to be kept up to our standards / (we have 2 professional groomers in the program that are willing to show you how to do most things at home.)
  • Food
    • Food / Vitamins / Bowls / Treats
  • Supplies
    • Training Bag / Poop Bags / Cleaning Supplies / Treat Bag / Leashes / Dog Shoes / Rain Gear / Mat / Seat Belt Attachment
    • Training Classes
    • We require that you take an approved group training class every six
    • We may require additional classes based on your needs and training.


We estimate that our program for training service dogs will cost between $2000 and $3000 over two years. This does not include outside training (estimate for four classes is $500 – $800), Vet Care, Grooming Expenses, and Other Expenses.